Sunday, 29 July 2012

Closet Child Review

Hey lovelies! So a very short while ago I ordered something new and fancy from Closet Child and thought I'd do a review of their service.

I found the Btssb cafe print candy JSK and matching headbow on their site while I was on holiday in Spain at the end of June. i fell in love immediately and knew I had to have it. I waited until I got back into the UK and checked to see if it was still available and I was delighted to find that it find was! On the Monday I decided to place my order. Closet Child is technically a store that is purely in Japanese but they do make it exceptionally easy for international buyers. Their international order guide walks you through the checkout process step-by-step and makes it super easy to order from them, if like me you barely speak a word of Japanese!

After my order was placed I received an automated email immediately confirming my order. It was then that I realised I had forgotten to add an item I wanted to my basket! I've not had great experiences with altering orders from japan (or anywhere really) before but thought it was worth a shot. I replied to the automated email (as it seemed to be a general address for the company) and asked if it was possible to add the item to my order. Obviously it took a while for me to receive their response due to time zone differences but as soon as I got into work the next day I had an email in perfect English from the delightful Tagaki-San letting me know they would be able to amend my order for me! Woo! She also let me know that I would be waiting for about 3 days as they had to weigh the items and let me know how much the postage would be. At this point I still hadn't paid a penny and had the right to back out if the postage was too high for me.

Sure enough, A couple of days later I received another email from Tagaki-san letting me know how much the total would be including shipping, I immediately agreed and confirmed my paypal email. I awoke to an invoice the next day and paid it immediately. This is where things got amazing.
I was not expecting much to happen for a week or so but BOY was I wrong! My parcel got shipped out from Japan on Monday and I got a final email from Closet Child confirming my tracking number. They also let me know that they would be marking my parcel down to avoid customs fees which I was delighted about as they are a total rip-off in the UK! I tracked it a couple of times (not obsessively every 5 minutes or anything *cough*) that day and saw it had left Tokyo by the end of the day, pretty standard as the Japanese postal service is really efficient in my experience. I went home that night thinking it would be at least a couple of days before it had moved on. imagine my surprise the next morning when it had already arrived at my nearest depot and had been loaded for delivery! UN-FRICKING-BELIEVABLE! When I got home from work there was the usual 'sorry you were out/we couldn't be bothered to ring your doorbell' card letting me know my parcel had been left at the post office across the street. I booked it over as it was due to close in half an hour. And then... it was mine!!!!

The parcel itself was in perfect condition with no damage whatsoever.

Inside it was all individually packed in cellophane bags and all the accessories were very well wrapped in bubble wrap.

OPENED! I was barely breathing at this point, haha!

Accessories - The headbow, which I'm in love with as it's off to one side. It's wired too which I was not expecting! And my (nearly forgotten) chocomint milky way clip! Only slightly disappointed with this as the website showed a picture that had all pink stars on it, but I don't really mind all too much. I've wanted one for so long that I'm just happy to own one.

And the JSK itself. It's a good fit, a little short for me but then what brand isn't?! The bane of being a tall loli I guess! I love the neckline on this, it's very low so allows me to really show off any blouses or cutsews with fancy necklines underneath. The waist-ties are amazing as well, I'm not fond of waist ties at all and usually detach them when I can but these are so slim and delicate, they're just perfect! The bottom is covered in scallops, beautiful quality lace and insane amounts of ruffles! The JSK is fully lined but it's not got a layer of tulle sewn in to it like my Angelic Pretty JSK has. The only imperfections I've been able to find is that the zip's a bit sticky. It's a lot easier to do the JSK up and slip into it than to try and do it up while I'm wearing it. Bit of a shame as I'd expected better quality for a brand piece, but it's not a massive cosmetic flaw.

Overall the quality of the customer service from Closet Child was impeccable. I was more than impressed with their customer service and shipping. I will definitely be ordering from them again in future!